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VERY LIMITED Special Offer - Latest WP List Mailer + Lifetime Updates, Free Installation & Much More !



Millions of marketers and online businesses are desperately trying to send their message across every day using Email Marketing !


With WP List Mailer, you will provide them with a simple and familiar way to deliver their message across. In the same time they will build you a list and help you generate revenue by :

    • Membership Fees on unlimited levels and time periods

    • Credit sales, Text and banner ads configurable in any number and size

    • Affiliate Promotions through a simple offer system built-in

    • A huge number of opportunities that you can attach easily using the WordPress plugin system

    • And much more…


You’ve read it, heard it, seen it a zillion times before: Build A List !

You can easily do this once you become one of our customers. It’s nothing new in our approach, there are many doing this for a long time.
We just took the idea and made it better. This is one of the ideas launched a long time ago and working ever since, simply because Email Marketing is one of the most lucrative and enduring strategies online.
In the video below you can see some of the many examples of the sites new and old that are using the same approach as we do, some of them being around and kicking since the early 90′s! :



Don’t miss your chance to get the amazing package we prepared for you at hugely discounted price! We will return to the original sale price of $297 soon and this might be your only chance to get WP List Mailer at this price.
Every 10 sales the price will increase ! 
Order now and you will receive the freshly updated WP List Mailer including all enhancements you can read below, already installed and configured for you in a custom WP List Mailer site plus all the bonuses revealed in this offer !






The Brand  New WP List Mailer -  Totally re-coded, updated and enhanced – we spent many months to improve all areas our customers noted a bit weak. We know that because of the complexity it was not that easy to get started so this was the first issue that we totally fixed !
We made it super-easy for anyone to get started with our offer, even more everyone purchasing this offer will have FREE INSTALLATION on top of everything else. Yes, we will install and present to you a fully functional site with everything you need already included and ready to go !



WPLM 2013 New2


    • Completely re-coded, updated and improved to make it mush easier to install and use.

    • Comes in various packages and install options to make easy for everyone

    • Comes with a comprehensive manual and help files, every function explained

    • Integrated localization support, now you can translate it in any language you want

    • The full package you will receive contains everything you need to get started. Your site can be online in a few hours or less !

    • Dedicated support team available for you to help you with any issue. Every part of the packages has a dedicated help page with short tutorials and helpful instructions

    • Much more that you will discover once you get our client and go through our product files and help pages


Watch This Video Overview  To Learn More About  WP List Mailer


Click For More WP List Mailer Videos







The Full WP List Mailer Package


You will receive not only the plugin package, but a full-blown WordPress site with everything set up, installed and configured for you !

Because we listen to our customers we did our best to lift the burden on the most annoying part – the installation and configuration…

And because this is what we do, we’ve gone a step further and prepared an entire site with all the required pages – an Offer/Home page, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Contact Page. And we prepared a Faq and Rules page for your members, filled all with content that requires little to no update.

The site is  fully configured with a selection of plugins also already configured for you, and of course the WP List Mailer Already Set Up, activated and pre-configured with a set of safe settings.

Even more, we have prepared a Help Page for your members, accessible for them in the member area. Everything is easily editable to suit your needs and we provide walk-through and instructions on how to do it quickly and easily!




A Unique Banner Templates Set !


Custom built banner templates specially created for WP List Mailer !

Not everyone has the time, expertise or inclination to create marketing banners, and since every WP List Mailer owner will need some we just save everyone some time and money by providing an easy way to create some…

So you will receive a Full Set of Banner Templates in PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format . To top it all we prepared a Full Banner Set already included with our plugin so you will have some out of the box.

The templates are nicely layered and filled in with preset Text, Images and other components neatly packed into folders so you can mix and match to create your masterpiece.

You will not find this banner set anywhere else, this is Exclusively offered with WP List Mailer.




More Bonuses to Help You Customize Your Site !


  • The custom theme we prepared for the WP List Mailer full packge, complete with editable PSD files so you can easily and quickly generate your own design. You can see the theme in action on our demo sites, like this WP List Mailer demo.

  • A set of 2 HTML Offer/Affiliate Landing Page Templates in case you want to create more elaborate designs or you want more freedom than within WordPress. We used one of them to create the WP Safelist Affiliate Landing Page


  • And even more, a very handy selection of “Subscribe” buttons , in several colors and different designs. These can come in handy and ou will certainly find one to complement your design.

red circle

As you can see, we are doing everything we can to provide all that is needed for a very unique creation and even more. 




A Unique Banner Templates Set !

Complete documentation and ALL the Help You Need !

As with everything else, WP List Mailer will deliver only The Best. We did all we could to provide a complete documentation for our product and ALL bonuses, packages and extras !The Best ! We have put together …

You can easily check this by downloading our FULL User Manual[below. (Just have patience, it's a pretty big file...)

PBK3 270

The user manual is just a small part of the documentation, you will receive help files for all packages, parts and pieces, bonuses and extras.

And to top it all we prepared 3 different WP List Mailer Packages for our customers in order to help them achieve their goals. Starting with the Full Package, you can opt between the minimal involvement and receive the pre-made stuff or go the opposite way and get the basic package and build your own site as you wish. Also a middle package will give you the chance to try your hand but get a nice head start. You can find out more and make your choice inside the members only area after you make your purchase.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WPLM Packages Blog



Lifetime Updates!

This is pretty self-explanatory. As we say, you will receive Lifetime Updates without any future payment, Ever !

Once this Special Offer will be over we will start charging for future updates so this might be your Only Chance to get on board!



Free Installation!

We know everyone getting a new product it’s excited and eager to test it so we offer this service to everyone getting this Special Offer !

To help all our customers start quickly and easily with our offer, we will install and activate your plugin together with everything else  in WP List Mailer Full Package for Free !.

Please note you will need a domain name, either new or existing and a capable hosting. Most importantly your hosting provider should allow you to send emails in large numbers, preferably unlimited. WP List Mailer will work on most hosts but to use it at its full potential you will need a agood one. We stand on our permanent recommendation – BigScoots, click on the banner below to check their offer.





Check Out WP List Mailer In Action ! Click on images below to see live demos and working WP List Mailer sites

WP List Mailer Full Package Demos


demo noads728 90C


demo ads728 90C

1 Hour Of Editing and you can easily get something like this:

ADVLM728 90C

Other WP List Mailer Sites



Ready-made WP List Mailer Sites – See WP List Mailer Shop

1 Banner 728x90




Here’s some clues to see how ridiculously LOW is the price you can pay for WP List Mailer if you ACT NOW ![

  • WP List Mailer regular Price: $297…($147 on pre-launch WSO at Warrior Forum-check the thread below )


    WPLM WSO reviews

  • A pop-up plugin that does about the same as our One-Time-Offer part of WP List Mailer does: $49-$349…

  • Email Marketing plugin: $25-$275….

  • Banner Templates Set: $25-$500….

We could go on and on but you ca see the point – there is nothing on the market that can come close to WP List Mailer Value, so don’t waste any more time, the price will go up every 10 sales !



New Trial Option – $1 for 30 days !






More info is available at WP List Mailer main site


Thisis wplmbizz

 If you’re already waving your mouse on the “X” in the hope to get the hidden discount, OTO or any other marketing gimmick, then STOP. There really is no other offer, no downsell or upsell, no last-minute discount or whatever else it’s the trend. THIS IS THE OFFER, we believe our time and effort is worth AT LEAST this much and we’re confident that EVERY client will be satisfied once WP List Mailer is up and running.

If you are NOT convinced then I’m sorry, this is where we go on separate ways. If you would wanna try it though, our GUARANTEE is absolute – send us a refund request in 30 days time and you get ALL your money back.

If your hosting is not up to par or will limit you severely with email sending, Don’t Worry – we got you covered ! We found a PERFECT hosting for your WP list Mailer site – we like them so much that we recommend them without reserves.
The price is great, the support is top-notch and you can easily upgrade when needed. And most importantly, this is certified to work with WP List Mailer – just mention this when setting up your account and they will automatically install the required stuff for you. Check it yourself – BigScoots


Clau Tripon

Clau Tripon

Developer & Owner

Stand-out Features

Unique money-making features !

No other plugin on the market will came close to the power we put itno WP List Mailer, even without considering the many ways it can be used! The most relevant for you is of course the money-making part. We now put it in your hand and give you the possibility to generate a substantial income in a proven way - membership fees, credit sales, upgrades and ads, these are just a few of the ways to monetize your site!

Quick Set Up !

WP List Mailer is an advanced plugin with loads of features and settings. We tried our best to make the set up process as easy as possible. With our new update WP List Mailer will be given to you already pre configured with the basic settings..You can also chose from the various packages we provide in side the member area and install it and configure it yourself.

Flexible and Poweful !

WP List Mailer is as you noticed a WordPress plugin and, being one, it has tremendous advantages in the flexibility department. We tested it with many plugins and it will work with most of them without issues so if you're creative you can come up with ways to use it nobody else thought at! Also we managed to cram a lot of features in it and make almost any single one configurable! You can set up your site the way you like it and keep optimizing your settings to maximize results.

The Best Support !

Maybe the most important feature is our commitment to this business. We have a highly skilled development team that is continuously working to eliminate any bugs, solve problems, keep the plugin updated and generally enhancing continuously our product for your own advantage! We are dedicated to help ALL our customers to get the most out of our offer. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issue.

This is a unique offer. No other OTO or discount pages will be presented to you. No other offer is available outside this at lower prices.


credit cards

What others are saying about WP List Mailer :

Hi everybody, I just give my 2 cents to this new WordPress plugin for those people who cannot see the potential in it. One year ago I bought a script with similar features for $497 but it never came near to what WP List mailer provides. Clau is right when he says you can cover your investment for this plugin in hyper speed by offering a low cost service or the usual prices and only a few paying members. I only can recommend to grab this plugin before Clau will close this offer. You never will get the chance to grab such a powerful plugin again for that low price.OK it is no $7, $27 or $47 plugin but you cannot compare those plugins with a tool with so many ways you can make money with. Believe me you'll regret it when the offer is closed and you have to pay 2 times the price, a monthly fee or an even higher price when more and more features will be added. For me there was no reason not to pick up a copy and start creating my site using it for a VERY high ROI. Note: Those words I have written without any "pressure" from Clau. It is my honest opinion about the plugin and I only want to open the eyes of some people who maybe only look for the price but not for what this plugin can do for you. Kind regards, Dirk Wagner -

Dirk Wagner

As an owner of a successful safelist and other related sites, I can tell you there has not been hardly any advancements in this industry in a number of years. Clau's new WP Listmailer is something I am very impressed with. It definitely adds some exciting new elements and I believe it will get better and better over time. I wouldn't be surprised if this eventually becomes the new standard in safelist scripts. Rick Katz -

Rick Katz

I have been fortunate that I have known Clau for almost 2 years, and I can tell you he is the Real Deal. Clau and his team of developers are one of the best, and they are Masters of Wordpress and Blog Making... he is the owner of XtremeBlogSystems, and when he says that WPListMailer has been in developement for 10 months... he is not lying. Clau told me last November that he was Creating the Ultimate WP List Mailer. And as far as support issues are concerned.... Clau has been more than willing to help me with any questions I have had, personally emailing me, and even talking with me on Skype. The Support is THERE! I will do a Detailed Review of WP-ListMailer in the next few days. I just wanted all the Warriors to Know about the Developer and his Credibility. Do Not Let This Offer Pass You By. Even If you are not Technically Skilled, I can guarantee that Clau and His Team have made this More than User Friendly, and any questions you have....Will Be Answered. Royce Mills - RoyceMills,com

Royce Mills

This plugin is great and definitely something you should take advantage of if you are looking at this WSO right now. You can easily see that a lot has gone in to putting this together and this can be used in so many ways. Support has been top notch, even before I purchased it. I really cannot say I regret buying this and I can tell that there will be so much more to come. I am using it to convert an old site that currently has 4500+ members and I am sure this is the new direction I needed for my site. I will come back and post some results when I have time but I wouldn't wait as that may be a few weeks and this WSO might be over. A big thanks to clau82 and his support team for all the help. Hours of my time was saved with that info on importing those users from my old database. Joe

Joe Castro

We hope You're Convinced Now How Great WP List Mailer is...

We had spent many months developing and updating this plugin and insuring this is the most advanced in his class. We are committed also to continually develop WP List Mailer for the foreseeable future in order to support both YOUR and OUR businesses!

Remember NOW is your ONLY chance to get ALL the Benefits!

NOW is the only time you will have the chance to purchase WP List Mailer with all the great benefits! If you miss this chance you will NOT be able to buy WP List Mailer without paying MORE AND a Monthly Subscription. So, if you want it you must ACT NOW!


Buy Now

credit cards

Buy it now securely with PayPal ! 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

There is NO other plugin that will replace or otherwise do what WP List Mailer. We offer you the chance to be amongst the first that can take the opportunity to easily add an extra source of income without an extra effort to increase traffic or conversions! AND be a part in the development - request or vote for features you'll want included !

Great Benefits for our Customers!

Limited One-Time Price Offer !


WP List Mailer is based on a permanent development business model. We feel this is the best way to help our customers in their business and to keep our software on the cutting edge. However this implies big costs that are not sustainable without a permanent funding source. Therefore we will proceed to ask for a monthly membership fee after this Special Offer expires. We need to mention also that in order to give our first customers the best chance we will maintan scarcity by only selling a limited number.

Lifetime Updates!


We are scheduling already updates for WP List Mailer that will further improve, refine and enhance our software. This are not merely bug-solving updates(we will do those also), we plan to continually add new functions that will open new possibilities for our clients. And again, because of the costs involved in maintaining a development team, this will be only available to our first customers, only on this offer! All sales after this will contain a monthly fee that will help cover the development costs.

Extensive Help and Support!


WP List Mailer is a very advanced WordPress plugin that was developed from the ground up. It contains many functions never tried before in the WordPress environment so no matter how well we tested it we expect a few troubles to appear. Also because of the complexity the install and configuration -as it is to be expected - a bit more complex than your regular WP plugins. Don't be afraid though, we are prepared to assist all our clients and we are comitted to do our best for each and everyone. We have set up a support forum, you will get a complete documentation and as many tutorials as needed, with more to come soon!

Exclusive Bonuses!


We have prepared several exclusive bonuses as you could see in our offer above. These are available ONLY with the purchase of our product WP List Mailer and are NOT available anywhere else. The costs onvolved in creating tehse products are pretty steep, not to mention the huge value you are receiving with our main product so we would appreciate if you keep them for yourself. You can of course use the bonuses in any other business you might have without problems.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Try our plugin for 30 days, will give you a full refund if you don't like it!

We want all our clients to be totally satisfied with the purchase they make. This is why we offer a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Please send us an email BEFORE purchase if you have doubts or questions in order to avoid misunderstandings.


No Questions Asked!

In order to receive your full refund please send us an email asking for it. We will fully refund your money back , no questions asked, in the period of 30 days after your purchase.

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